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Personal Safety

Stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings, wherever you are.

Don't be taken by surprise.

Be aware and be prepared.

Stand tall and walk confidently.

Don't show fear.

Don't look like a victim.

Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave right away and get help if necessary. Get to know the neighborhoods and neighbors where you live and work. If carrying a bag, keep it close to your body and keep a firm grip on it.

Be Safe in Your Car

Always lock your car and take the keys, even if you'll only be gone a short time.

Lock doors when driving.

If your car breaks down, raise the hood and place emergency reflectors or flares. Then stay in the locked car. When someone stops to help, don't get out. Ask him or her (through a closed or cracked window) to telephone the police to come and help.

If you're coming or going after dark, park in a well-lit area that will still be well-lit when you return.

Never pick up hitchhikers.

Control you keys. Never leave an identification tag on your key ring. If your keys are lost or stolen, it could help a thief locate your car and burglarize your home.

If carrying packages or valuable items, store them in your trunk. If you do leave packages, clothing, or other articles in the car, make sure they are out of sight.

Keep the following information in a safe location: Year, Make, Model, Color, VIN, License #, Identifying Marks, Insurance Co., and policy #.

Be Safe at the A.T.M.

Try to plan your visits to the automatic teller during the day, rather than after dark.

Choose an ATM location that is in a busy public place.

When visiting a drive-through ATM, keep your doors locked and be prepared to drive away quickly. If anyone approaches your car on foot, roll up your window and drive off.

Pre-plan your transaction carefully, and don't spend too much time at the machine.

When you make a withdrawal, quickly place the money in your purse or wallet and leave as soon as you finish.

Watch out for suspicious-looking people waiting around an ATM - they may not really be customers. If someone offers to let you go ahead of them, decline politely and leave.

If you have not finished your transaction and you are approached by a suspicious character, press the CANCEL button, receive your card, and leave quickly.

Safety For Your Kids

Teach your children how to call 911 in emergencies. Practice dialing with them, but don't actually call 911 (an officer WILL show up at your house, even if you hang up quickly)

Be sure emergency numbers - police, fire, poison control, and emergency medical - are by all phones.

Make sure they know their full name, address, and phone number (including the area code), plus your work phone or cellphone number.

Talk about carrying themselves confidently and staying alert to what's going on around them.

Encourage them to walk and play with friends, not alone.

Teach them to refuse rides or gifts from anyone, unless it's someone both you and your child know and trust.

If your child is home alone, teach them:

  • Not to let strangers, adults, or children into the home for any reason.
  • Not to tell telephone callers that they're alone.
  • That door and window locks must always be used. Be sure your children know how to work them.
  • Not to go into the home if a door is ajar or a window is broken, but to go to a neighbor's or public phone and call the police.

Be Safe in Your Home

Make sure that ALL doors to the outside are metal or solid, 1 3/4" hardwood and ALL have good, sturdy locks.

Use the locks you have. Always lock up your home when you go out, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available bars or locks, or put a wooden dowel or broomstick in the door track.

Make sure your windows, especially at ground level, have good locks, and use them.

 Make sure all porches and other possible entrances are well-lit.

Don't hide your house keys under the doormat or in a flowerpot. It's much wiser to give an extra key to a trusted neighbor.

Keep written records of all furniture, jewelry, and electronic products. If possible, keep these records in a safe deposit box, fireproof safe, or other secure place. Take pictures or a video, and keep purchase information and serial numbers if available. These  help law enforcement agencies track recovered items.

Clearly display your house number, so police and other emergency vehicles can find your home quickly. (This is so important, it is required by Kalamazoo Township Ordinance.)

If you see a screen that has been cut, broken windows, or a door that's been left open, don't go in. Call the police from a safe location.

If you hear a noise that sounds like someone breaking in or moving around, quietly call the police. If you can leave safely, do so. Otherwise, lock yourself in the room you are in and keep quiet.

Think carefully before buying a firearm for protection. Guns can be captured and used on you or the police, or they can be stolen and sold to anyone. In fact, firearms are so sought after that someone could break into your home for the sole intent of stealing a gun. If you do own a gun, keep it locked up, with the ammunition secured separately, and learn how to use it safely.

Don't Be Scammed

Con-artists are not always easy to spot. Smart, extremely persuasive, and aggressive, they invade your home through the telephone and the mail, advertise in reputable newspapers and magazines, and come to your door. Use common sense and learn about old and new scams.

Be suspicious whenever you receive an unsolicited call that asks for any personal information. This is true even if you are contacted by someone claiming to represent a company that you already do business with. It doesn't take much for you to contact that company by the phone number or website that you KNOW is legitimate, and then fulfill the request.

Ask for financial reports if a caller requests a charitable donation. Reputable charities will always send this information if you ask. Never make an investment with a stranger over the phone.

Don't let greed overcome your common sense. Be wary of: High-pressure sales, demands for 'cash only', pressure for quick decisions, secret deals, and any no-risk/high-yield investments.

Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Get a second opinion from someone you trust.


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